Comic Con Liverpool 2020


As with any decent UK fan convention, Comic Con Liverpool 2020 promises plenty to do throughout the whole weekend and you as visitors need to know where everything is! 

To help you, we have put together this map so you can easily find your way around Comic Con Liverpool 2020, it shows where the Traders Zone is as well as where all of our great props and sets will be placed. It also details where each of our guests will be sitting so you don't waste any time getting your autographs and where you can get your photos taken. There is a handy arrow pointing to the Q&A auditoriums and a side map detailing our amazing Gaming Zone on the upper floor of the venue. Finally, it details the amenities such as the toilets, cafes, fire exits, cashback area, and information points so you can literally never get lost!

Click on the map itself for an enlarged view - you can also find the map and a list of all schedules on our handy official Comic Con Liverpool programme, available at the information point and on the way in for just £1!

Map Online.jpg